Pushing the boundaries? You bet.

Ink Hotels has a definitive way of looking at the world; we don’t see everyone as the same. And we love that.

Ink is all about a new wave of curious explorers, seeking out our beloved cities…..and some of their best-kept secrets. 

Because we believe life’s more meaningful when coloured outside the lines.



Always inclusive. Never exclusive.

Our Vibe

Yeah we’ve got attitude, alright?

See it for yourself. Sheer enjoyment is a key life ingredient, so we’ve embraced our spirit of adventure in designing our first hotel and paid some big homage to the city’s love affair with street art along the way. A spirited architectural design – no mistake - nestled between residential towers in the heart of Melbourne’s Southbank; walk through the doors of this new 162-room Ink Hotel and you’ll know you’ve landed somewhere very different.

Our Hotel-Vibe

Our hotels aren’t boring.

Ink is a two-way conversation. A rebel with a cause, and a link between worlds. It connects the new global-minded generation with dynamic local communities. And everyone’s better for the experience.

Boring Hotel? Um Nope.

Planet Love

Leaving our INK on the world (sustainably).

We aim to use less plastic, less paper and less of our footprint as possible. We have eliminated single-use amenities, there are keep-cups for your coffees and re-fillable glass water bottles in every guest room.



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