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Accommodation Melbourne


— From $119 per night

Why take more than you need? Keep it simple with our room that has you covered when your day is done. Super comfy bed, steamy hot shower, great entertainment, desk to chill. Why spend more when you can spend at the bar downstairs? See? You’re saving money already.


— From $119 per night

Need one and one more next to that, for your travel bud? This one’s built for you guys. With two king singles, we’ve made it perfect for twinning. So then, really, the only other question remains, who gets the bathroom first?


— From $129 per night

Unapologetically a creature of comfort, a little fancy? If you like your own space & comfy is your middle name, take this one. Speaking of your name, this room has it on it. Get this and you do you with more room to play and retreat.


— From $159 per night

Sure we could have called it a suite, but sweeeeeet is so much better and what you’ll say when you walk in. There’s rooms, and then there’s roooooooooms. This is the second one. This room’s got space alright. Space to dance. Space to sing…or do other stuff in. The Sweet Life indeed.

Rates starting from AUD 109

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