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      /  Food & drink   /  Melbourne’s Hidden Bar Scene

    Melbourne’s Hidden Bar Scene

    Melbourne’s Hidden Bar Scene

    Four of the best-hidden bars to hit up in Melbourne. 


    Whether you fancy a tipple in a quiet speakeasy complete with a touch of class, or you prefer a strong story with your next Negroni – Melbourne’s hidden bars offer up a steady stream of stylish, underground, and tasty tipples bound to impress the pants off you (not literally though). So grab your mates and hit the town, these hidden bars are some of the very best around.

    More bars mean more cocktails (responsibly though, yo).

    The great thing about Melbourne’s hidden-bar scene is that they’re all super close together. This makes bar hopping and easy hop-skip-and a jump from one to another. 

    Next stop, New Gold Mountain 

    New Gold Mountain got its name from the Victorian gold rush of the early 1850s. And it’s well-known for its mountain of cocktails available on the menu too (we’re talking a lot of good drinks here). With a classy interior and subtle signage on the outside, once you’re inside here, you won’t want to leave. Get comfy.

    Get your Goldilocks Bar on

    Venture a little further into town and you’ll find Goldilocks Bar. A hidden rooftop gem that’s the perfect place to take you away from the masses. Take the lift and head on up the stairs, and you’ll be confronted with a breathtaking view of Melbourne’s city skyline – not to mention some of the tastiest cocktails this side of town. Stand back from the edge though, yeah?

    Bring on Bar Americano.

    Bar Americano takes things in a little more traditional route. If you manage to get into this tightly-packed corner of the city on a busy night out, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a completely classic take on the traditional cocktail, everything from the bartender’s uniform to the decor, to the drinks they serve. If you’re after a good-old-fashioned speakeasy-style, then this is the spot.

    Slice of delight at Pizza Pizza Pizza

    Just up the road, is something by the slice. And the clue’s in the name. At Pizza Pizza Pizza there’s an entrance in the back corner that leads to a world beyond. That’s because there’s a giant cocktail bar behind the pizza-front facade. We’re not kidding. It’s huge. So if you can find it, grab a booth, grab a slice, and settle in for some serious cocktail sipping. 

    Time to grab a drink? Yasss, please.

    Not brave enough to venture out on your own? Not to worry, MelTours will more than welcome you on their hidden bar tour – or, if you’re into spotting your own flavour of hidden wonders, find a bar in your area by visiting Hidden City Secrets or Broadsheet’s favourites too. 

    Happy hidden-bar hunting! 

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