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    Melbourne’s Live Music Scene

    Melbourne’s Live Music Scene

    Eight Great Live Music Venues of Melbourne. Rock on.

    Ready for a gig or two? Think of Melbourne and you might think coffee, art or even the Great Ocean Road. But what really gets the city of Melbourne worked up? It’s live music scene. 

    With over sixty-thousand live performances in the city happening every year, it was hard to pick the best venues. But we’ve done our darndest. So here are eight of Melbourne’s very best to hit up when you’re in the mood.

    Northcote Social Club

    North of the city, in Northcote (go figure) is Northcote Social Club. A heaving venue of local acts, full of good vibes, better drinks – oh, and the odd international act or two. Make sure to get up there early and sample the food on offer at the bar – we’d classify it as ‘souuuul food for the heart’ 


    Howler is perfectly situated in the heart of Brunswick – known for its hipster vibe and glorious food options (not to mention coffee crafted to perfection) Howler has become the literal beating heart of Brunswick’s night scene. A staple among locals and a frequent venue for acts from abroad – it’s definitely worth dropping in on a Saturday night.

    Section 8

    Section 8 is smack bang in the middle of town, wedged discretely just off Lonsdale St on Tattersalls Lane – but don’t let its size fool you, it packs a big musical punch. Under the somewhat ‘makeshift shelter’, and on top of milk crates galore, you can catch live acts do their thing while knocking back a few beers from the shipping-crate bar. Easy.

    The Toff in Town

    Back in town, The Toff in Town is halfway up to the famous Rooftop Bar – and the perfect spot to see acts who’ve made a name for themselves. Catch these acts peddling snappy, catchy songs, then after the encore head across to the other side and chill out at the bar.

    Cherry Bar’s

    Future looks to be short-lived in this location (as it’s soon to be moving on), but its legacy will live on as the spot where fresh acts (and the odd brother from Oasis) made an appearance. The lane itself (ACDC Lane) will live long into the future too, and today attracts hordes of tourists young and old. Get there and grab a snap while you can.


    Right around the corner from ACDC Lane is the infamous Forum, where you can expect any number of international acts appearing on any given night. This venue holds the really big names, (ones from another country type names). So, if your fave band’s performing here, make sure to get your tickets early – it tends to sell out. 

    Corner Hotel

    Over the hill, in Richmond, you have ‘Corner Hotel’ which boasts a full line-up of up and comers nearly every single night of the week. Fans of every genre can often be seen lining up outside its entrance long into the night, while those who prefer to skip the band can head upstairs for a sneaky pint and a decent chicken parma

    Esplanade Hotel

    Down the coast, in St Kilda, there’s the smaller Esplanade Hotel (locally dubbed The Espy) which has earned a serious reputation over the years as the ‘it’ venue for up and comers in the music scene. Play the main room here, and you’re well on your way to Rock’n’Roll stardom. 

    Plug it in. Play it loud.

    Whether it’s international acts, local bands trying to make a name for themselves, or simply admiring the talented buskers on the street corners in the CBD, Melbourne’s live music scene is certainly still thriving. We suggest you get your tickets while you’re here. Because if you’re a music lover, you might be quite busy.

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