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    Melbourne’s Top 5 Must See Street Art Sites

    Melbourne’s Top 5 Must See Street Art Sites

    Nothing says Melbourne like a little bit of back-alley street art (right?). 

    For years now, artists from all over the world have flocked to Melbourne, grabbed their paint brushes, and hit the street. The results of their hard work can be seen all over the city. From the centre to the suburbs, to underpasses, to the sides of buildings. You name it, it’s been painted on. So, to celebrate everything street-art Melbourne-style, we thought it was high time we put together five of the best sites to check out for yourself.

    First up, head to Hosier Lane

    Hosier Lane plays home to some of the most vibrant works around Melbourne’s CBD. It’s become a major tourist attraction, but don’t let the crowds deter you. Totally worth taking a stroll through this part of town; some of Melbourne’s well-known artists, along with some secret-squirrel type works that require more than just a first look-see.

    To Tattersalls Lane we go!

    Tattersalls Lane, just around the corner in Chinatown, was originally named after the Tattersalls Hotel and Tattersalls Club back in the day (we hear it was quite the place to be and be seen!). As more Chinese migrants began to call this area home, it became known as Chinatown (actually the very first Chinatown in the world!). From tiny Asian eateries to super-cool bars and better yet, a vast array of eye-catching street art, this lane’s not to be skipped.

    Stroll on over to Presgrave Place

    Presgrave Place completely transcends the sides of any spray-paint can. This is where 3D sculptures of all shapes and sizes come to life. It’s like a mini-exhibition you happen to stumble upon. Here, a morning’s well spent searching for hidden sculptures and wacky works bound to capture your imagination. 

    Take a trip to the West-End!

    A snooze-fest no more. Down the road, even the West-End Business District has its own take on the art form. Giant murals of famous Australians cover complete sides of buildings, turning a once drab part of town into a vibrant, colourful and eye-catching hotspot!

    Make a beeline to the mecca: Collingwood, Fitzroy.

    This is where home-life and work-life collide and take a trip to the unique! Here, artists are even commissioned by the local council to make their mark. In return, the council can switch out ‘unsightly’ graffiti, for lush murals full of colour and purpose. And there’s certainly no shortage of them. You’ll find one around nearly every corner and street you turn down. Channelling our inner-Oprah:  YOU get a street art, YOU get a street art, YOU GET A STREET ARRRTT!’.

    Melbourne Street Art Tours

    Melbourne’s street art is an unmissable part of any Melbourne sojourn. So, if you’re looking for inspo, it might just be worth your time to grab your camera, lace up your comfiest pair, and pack your bag for a full day of street art sightseeing. If you’re looking for a walking tour to guide you to a hotspot or two, Melbourne Street Art Tours or the Meltours website are a good place to start. 

    It’s all out there, so grab your gear and off you go!

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